Miss me ?
Well i did y'all too 
Publishing this post cos its winter time out and i still got these pictures in my draft box .Cant believe I'm wearing that in such weather condition , Sui you're such an extremist.
 Anyways its time for some sunshine . Right time to spring clean your entire life- Wardrobe, Car, Apartment its that  detox for your year .
Originally  Spring cleaning is the practise of thoroughly cleaning a house in springtime but this can also apply to every aspect of you .Decluttering can be taxing but you shouldn't find it depressing. The rule is if you haven't worn for 6 months to one year you gotta let it go .
Start by making three piles 


Street style in the past months have featured the fishnet trend and it seems endless, this socks have been considered slutty ,sultry and should only be seen on so called streetwalkers.
Fishnets are back in fashion making a statement across borders with no  styling limits ,Quit thinking i could never pull them off ! See this hoseiry stlye as an acceessory, They work amazingly with your ripped denim peaking from underneath  or with a few inches showing above your waistband for a punk vibe .Black, Nude, White you've got options .
These accessory has been featured on vogue reflecting how fab they are , celebrities wont stop showing off their styling abilities wearing this with almost anything even over heels.The runway saw a lot of polished and refined presentations of them.
 I'm totally against The controversy that you only look trashy in fishnets , cos ive come across some classy ladylike looks put together in it .If you are the type against skin bearing ,Tone it down Go lengthy with your skirt knee length and midi's are great. A bohemian dress or slip dress is such a look , Tshirts are bolder with them and a pair of sneakers .

Take fashion risk with fishnets  theres a type of  holey hose  for everyone , get you one with micro  openings if you more on the conservative end .You dont neccessarily have to deviate from your personal style , just infuse it and settle.Would you wear it ? Kindly leave your thoughts and a fabulous week.
Hoodie- by Me
denim skirt- Pimkie
shoes- Zara woman
choker- aliexpress

On becoming Miss Kharkiv International 2017

This journey commenced when i got a call from my school adviser asking me to come to the office that she has some deal for me. i rushed there and she asked if i would like to participate in the MISS KHARKIV INTENATIONAL CONTEST , i previously knew nothing about this show but i said Yes i think its time for me to be in a pageant cos i do try to avoid them .
I then looked the show up and i understood it was focused on showcasing the culture of different nationalities living in Ukraine . This years featured 13 contestants from India,Greece,Poland,Armenia,Nigeria,Georgia,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Kazakhstan,Israel,and Azerbaijan.
We had to present in our national costume , Talent , and in an evening dress .I had a tough time coming up with a national costume cos i had outgrown whatever attire i had from home . So i thought to get tribal wrappers from friends and put something together . Until my good friend and designer YOUNIKDESIGNS called me up and said he saw the voting poll for the show that what do i have in mind to wear ,i let him know i didn't exactly have it together .So he suggested we come up with something outstanding and different , how bout Burlap & Ropes we could create something from that he said .
I didn't doubt him so we went shopping in the popular Barabashoba market where you can only find whatever you seek .We got all we needed and set to work , This genius called me for a fitting a few days later , and i was in shock staring at the creation the Headpiece ,shoulder cape , dress . and even Shoes and bag.
Everything was amazing ! 
The show was held on the 28th March 2017 , it commenced at exactly 7pm ,i was too busy freaking out backstage when i heard the MC's introduction and something whispered to me Relax and try to have fun .and that's exactly what i did . With the best of friends around i was a bit calm and it gave me more courage . They were cheering so hard i couldn't stop smiling on stage . You guys are the absolute best .
Everything happened so fast and it was the moment to announce the winner and being that i didn't quite understand all the russian language being spoken i just listened to hear my name . When they called everyone else and i didnt hear my name , my frownlines began to appear and then i heard Tosin ,Nigeria .
My jaw dropped as i stepped forward to receive my crown .I WON!!!!!
Amongst all these beauties , it was quite a moment cos being black in this country , you arent exatly considered an  equal or even good enough .i dont just consider this a win for myself , WE WON ! I was so proud that we did take it to Africa .
With the support of my awesome friends and supporters , WE DID IT.
God bless you all.


Staring in my closet , there's a lot of olive green going on 'how did i get here ? Dang i got hooked !
Turns out i end up picking this colour in everything ! sigh !
This maxi hooded sweater from reserved caught my attention all the way across the mall , i went by the store a number of times and ended up going in , i couldn't resist  it was a magnetic force I'm sorry!


Being the type that's never satisfied with her looks or clothes I'm steady altering  everything i own . Crafting is something i enjoy doing so I'm gonna let you in on one easy one .
Embellishing clothes with buttons is a really cool and stylish trend ,it can be done on any piece of clothing from tops to pants.

Dear Black girl!

Dear black girl ,
 there's nothing undesirable about your looks you need to find comfort in that which is your skin , your coat ! Its mere pigmentation, why be ashamed ?
Melanin is a black because its chemical structure allows no energy to escape , you absorb so much light ,trapping it all! That's something magical 
Pay no attention to the stares you get, When people look what they see is a reflection of their Perspective, the content of their minds .You just Focus on the uniqueness in the identity of a complex human being, but variations exist in the structure of us all but tone shouldn't count 'I function no different.
I ain't got splitted tongue , 3 ears , or something weird .All you see is a layer .
Its sad enough that we need to remind ourselves to admire and love our own skin ,that is you , a part of you .Oh!  Its the world we live in and we have to steady encourage and support the healing of colourism  . Glow through what you go through from chocolate to mocha , caramel, cinnamon all shades stunning Dang! chocolate girls run it ! Don't be afraid to stand out !
deep in chocolate 
bronzed in elegance 
enameled with grace
toasted in beauty
My lord! She's a black woman
Dr Yosef benjochanna

A Rocky path to success

I'm Staring at these photos and I'm like WOW! HOW! 
These are awesome shots , would you agree ?  But you wouldn't understand the conditions they were taken , lets pretend it wasn't -25 degrees on this day plus it was gloomy and my fingers weren't numb in the first few minutes i stepped out to pose and the pain that comes from frosted fingers i'd leave you to imagine if you haven't experienced that already .
My teeth were chattering and i haven't gotten one shot i liked, i needed to make reviews and i already postponed this shoot  thrice . You think i have a cup of tea Nah! forget it, it was empty (props)
My photographer Eugenia is one of the most amazing individual that i encountered in this country , being that i also found a friend in her made her more priceless . She couldn't even click but she said to keep going cos we froze enough not to get something out of it . You would say why not shoot indoors (studio maybe) i could have!  Totally!  but the thirst for diversity in my works wouldn't let me , i just had to . Its never an easy path to anything great , if you want it bad enough you'll always find a way and trust me it applies to everything you do . 
As imperfect as i live , one would assume I've got it all figured out  I DO NOT  I'm a living mess , a work in progress but I'm here, blessed enough to see another amazing day and I'm constantly thankful for every minute i take a breath  regardless of how worn out i am .Just present your weakness to God and he'll give you strength, & more importantly trust that he's got you no matter what. Challenges are real but so is He .
Go on and kick ass today & thanks for dropping by.
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